Wedding Entourage Makeup Packages

If not hired as the Bride’s makeup artist and hair stylist, I’m the entourage makeup artist. I’ve worked with so many ladies in my 6 years of doing bridal makeup in the industry. It’s always fun working with the bridesmaids because I get to know the Bride and the Groom more. These ladies are either their closest friends or family members, who really saw how their love grew and bloomed.

I offer 3 major bridal entourage makeup packages.

    1. PER HEAD BASIS. This package is for weddings where the Bride has less than 5 bridesmaids. Some may have already booked their own makeup artist or if they decide to do their own makeup. Each bridesmaid will have a conventional high-definition makeup with hair styling. They will also get a free pair of false eyelashes, which will make their look even better. This will cost Php2,000 per head.
    2. GROUP OF 5. This is my best selling package. Instead of paying Php2,000 per bridesmaid, I’m only charging Php1,500 per person. That’s an instant savings of Php500 each! Service includes conventional high-definition makeup and hair styling for each bridesmaid with free false eyelashes.
    3. GROUP OF 10. For an entourage of 10 and above, I’m giving some more extra savings for the Bride and Groom. The service will only cost Php1,200 per head. Each will get a conventional high-definition makeup and hair styling with free false eyelashes.

Aside from this, I can also give some love advice for single ladies out there. Haha! And that’s free of charge! *wink*

For inquiries and appointments, feel free to email me at or drop a message through my Facebook page at You can also follow me on Instagram (@makeupbysaimontes) for some behind the scenes when I’m on duty.

Photo used courtesy of my gorgeous client, Kei Sanchez.



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