Sai Montes Makeup Artistry is now certified!

I did not accept any makeup bookings for 2 weeks since May 23 until June 2, 2016 because I finally decided to get certified. It was probably the toughest 2 weeks of my life but everything is so worth it!

Yours truly is now certified by the finest makeup school and makeup artist gurus in the land, HD Makeup Studio and Academy (formerly Basement Academy) by Jeave Gabiana and Stef Chua-Sing. I took their HD Beauty and Fashion Course and I’m so happy that I did! It was really hard, truth be told, but everything is about a better makeup experience for my clients. More than the certificate, it made me a better makeup artist than I ever was!

I will now be accepting clients again (because I ran out of money buying makeup NON-STOP for 2 weeks. Hahaha!) So, if you need a wedding makeup artist in Manila or just about anywhere in the country just email me at or drop a message below.


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