Sai Montes Makeup Artistry is now certified!

I did not accept any makeup bookings for 2 weeks since May 23 until June 2, 2016 because I finally decided to get certified. It was probably the toughest 2 weeks of my life but everything is so worth it!

Yours truly is now certified by the finest makeup school and makeup artist gurus in the land, HD Makeup Studio and Academy (formerly Basement Academy) by Jeave Gabiana and Stef Chua-Sing. I took their HD Beauty and Fashion Course and I’m so happy that I did! It was really hard, truth be told, but everything is about a better makeup experience for my clients. More than the certificate, it made me a better makeup artist than I ever was! Continue reading

How to Save on Your Prom Night

You’re always on a tight budget when you’re a student but it’s prom night and you want to look your best! From your gown to your makeup, everything should be flawless!

So, is there a way to save some money for prom? Yes honey! Here are my top 5 tips for you and your friends!

Borrow a dress. Of course, go to your older sister and borrow her prom dress. You will most likely fit in it. If you don’t have a sister, borrow one from your cousin or a friend. If borrowing is not an option, you can look for a gown rental shop in your area. Renting a cocktail gown will only cost you P500.

Use your phone in taking pictures. You have to document all the fun and kilig moments during prom and there’s no better way to do it than taking great photos! Instead of hiring a professional photographer, you can bring out your smartphone and take photos. Just make sure that the lighting is always great so you’ll have great pictures of you and your friends.

Get your makeup done in groups. Hiring a professional makeup artist is really not that costly, especially if you will book in groups. Makeup artists, like myself, give discounts for more than 3 clients. For example, I have an ongoing Prom Makeup Promo. I usually charge P2,000 per person to get their hair and makeup done. So, if I will have 3 girls who want to book me as their makeup artist, then that will cost them P6,000 (2,000 x 3). If you avail my promo, you’ll only pay P2,500 for you and 2 of your friends. That’s an instant P3,500 savings! You’ll get hair and makeup professionally done for an affordable price.

Prom 2016 Makeup Promo

DIY. It’s the next best thing! You don’t really need to buy a new bag for prom or buy new hair accessories. You can try these easy DIY projects I found on Pinterest!

DIY Prom Accessories -- Tons of super-cute ideas. From boho babe to punk princess.:

Lace Garter Purse, Thigh Purse, Holster - I.D., Money, Credit Card, Passport, Pepper spray, Phone, Knife, Insulin Pump by Shooting Tulips on Etsy, $36.00:

You CAN make an awesome tiara out of pipe cleaners. | 32 DIY Prom Accessories That Will Make You The Coolest Kid In School:

Do your own manicure. Do this with your girl friends. This is also a great bonding idea before going to your party. Try these!

Scotch Tape is Your Friend:

A classy and playful manicure for prom! Check everything off your beauty shopping list today at!:

Hope these are helpful! If you have more ideas, share it by leaving a comment below.